War Brides (May 2015)

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Europe is at war. The young women of a small rural village in an unnamed country are being strongly encouraged to become “war brides” – to marry the young men going into battle and produce the next generation of soldiers for the Empire. But what happens when some of them refuse?

Marion Craig Wentworth’s play was a runaway success in America in 1915 and made into a 1916 film before being banned when the USA joined World War I.

The play was directed by Conrad Toft and starred Peyton Cimino, Izzy Poston, Joanna Patrick, Richard Daly, Amanda E. Ekdahl, Gareth Lewis & Andy Blumenthal.

ECC Brussels also took this one-act play to the FEATS (Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Society) in Hamburg on 24 May 2015.