Talking Heads (23-27 September 2014)

Three Monologues by Alan Bennett 23-27 September 2014:  The Warehouse Studio Theatre, Rue Waelhem 69a, 1030 Brussels Tickets –  €15 available hereTalkingHeadsWeb Lady of Letters (Sara Hammerton, Directed by Joanna Patrick) Irene Ruddock is a self-appointed guardian of the high moral ground and her living room is the centre of her operations!  She frequently writes to her MP, the police, the chemist – everyone she can, to remedy the social ills she sees around her.  In this monologue, Alan Bennett showcases his central theme that the human condition is tragicomic and I am sure that this character will resonate with the audience – I bet you know, or have met, a Miss Ruddock at some stage in your lives! Soldiering On (Rachel Cuff, Directed by Jonathan Stockwell) Muriel has about as much time for self-pity as a proverbial Eastender in the Blitz. Brimming with cheery, tweedy determination, this dutiful gal shrugs off adversity, keeps calm and carries on serving the community. It may be the 1980s, but her old-fashioned British pluck is alive and kicking. Today, when our more individualistic, expressive culture is coming under fire, Muriel’s stoicism and reserve can seem attractive, even admirable. But how much self-restraint is too much? And is it just Muriel who’s paid the price? Her Big Chance (Ailsa Higgins, Directed by Mark Prescott) Lesley is an aspiring actress who throws herself into every part she’s offered – just ask the production team on Crossroads or Tess! So far the roles she’s had have been small, but now she’s been offered a part in a new film targeted primarily at the West German market. Could this be Lesley’s big chance? And as she is a self-confessed people person, will this role open up new social and career doors for her?