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Wednesday 8 April: 7.45pm for 8pm – Chez Mary



Priestley’s 1938 British farce begins when a group of old friends, all married on the same day in the same chapel, gathers at the Helliwells’ home to celebrate their silver anniversary. When they discover that they are not legally married, each couple initially reacts with proper Victorian horror “ what will the neighbors think? “ but soon all three couples find themselves reevaluating their marriages. In the end, of course, everything turns out well, and the play ends on a happy note.

There are fourteen  characters in the play, so everyone will have a chance to take part!


Although Mary and Barbara are still very much our guiding lights, Mary is no longer going to ring around to remind people about the meetings, and so you will now only hear about them by reading Ecco, Ecco Flash or via Facebook.  However, in addition, every month Janet will be emailing a reminder to people who have attended in the past and who want to be on the Play Reading email list.

We are now asking people to register as coming along via a Doodle link: all you will have to do is click on the link, add your name to the list under ‘Table View’, click in the box and then ‘Save’ your entry.  If you have any problem with this, please do not hesitate to contact Janet – or simply to ring Mary on 02 345 8583  as usual!  She has a message service if she’s not there.

If you would like to come along in April  please click here: