March Play Reading

Wednesday 4 March – 7.45pm for 8pm – Chez Mary

Diana Morton-Hooper will lead us in reading

By Alan Ayckbourn

The play is set in a dilapidated Victorian three-storey country house, reputedly a former bordello and said to be haunted by a deceased prostitute. There are six characters in the play:

  • Elizabeth: Former dancer, retired as a result of her marriage; now in perpetual indecision about whether to leave her husband; her effort to do so sets off much of the action in the play
  • Roland: Elizabeth’s unappreciative husband; a businessman who is a major presence in the bucket industry; alcoholic
  • Mark: Elizabeth’s brother, attempting to save his one-sided relationship to Kitty and fulfil his dream of opening a fishing tackle shop
  • Kitty: Arm-twisted into engagement with Mark; having left him at the altar once, she has been persuaded to come back to him after her arrest for suspected solicitation; feels trapped into always being part of other people’s dreams (including Mark’s fishing tackle shop)
  • Leslie: Dodgy builder, on the brink financially; desperate to sell the house (currently rented) to Roland
  • Tristram: Roland’s solicitor; inarticulate and unassertive; unwittingly causes absolute havoc. For Ayckbourn, for all of Tristram’s apparent ineffectuality, his is the central role in the play


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