Lighting the scene

Some plays have a great number of lighting changes during the performance but this is not the challenge for Move Over Mrs Markham.
This is farce.  The actors enter through multiple doors and move between sitting room and bedroom at breakneck speed. A very crowded set.The challenge is to provide light everywhere and try to keep the shadows down to a minimum.

Where to begin?

Alma is our Lighting Lady and I have been boosting her confidence and making suggestions to help her to take that leap from playwright, talented actress and lighting board supremo to lighting designer.

However two physically challenged retirees do not get very far when rigging lights without help.

Ladder Man is perfect for the job.

Julian is one of our favourites.
He is tall., not afraid of heights and knows his ‘safety chains’ from his ‘barn doors’.
He also does exactly what he is told even when it means getting up extra early on a Sunday morning.

Buy your tickets and come to see what we have achieved!