Grützi, I am Sylvie from Switzerland and I muwed to Greet Britten bekauze ze Frau and Herr Markham asked me to be zer au-pair for ze jeer. I like my new plece aber ze Britisch are STRANGE pipel, saying and doing strange zings to each ozer, zet I do not understand. Mrs Markham is spending ze day doing schopping all ze time and bringing home expensive zings, Mr Markhem only he has face in books.

I have to do oll ze up-wasching, preparing ze koffi ( Mr Markham so nervos, drinks a lot) cleaning ze flors and preparing ze dinner.

Huhhh..It’s viel work, but ze good zing is zat zer is a new designer, zat started to decorate zer new flat. He is weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice to me and schowed me a wat a “goose” is. I have seen goose in Switzerland but zat I did not know! Now I love to do ze goose and tonaigt we will be alone in ze flat …… huhu!