Saturday 7 May

Saturday is the only night that not a single Belgium-based group is performing –  so the locals can sit back and eye up the competition.  We are also going to be treated to not one but two original scripts,   and some more thought-provoking material.

Our first guests of the night are the “In Players International” from Amsterdam.  Their original script is written by Giorgi Corrêa Rossi, directed by Giorgi Corrêa Rossi and stars Giorgi Corrêa Rossi.  Clearly a busy man, although he does have quite a large supporting cast.  His piece is called “Creativity in the time of Dictatorship”, which is inspired by memories from his own youth, and the political dictatorship of Brazil in the 1960’s and 70’s.  The military government censored the press, violated human rights, suppressed freedom of expression, and banned the performing arts, music and art.  But creativity will always find a way.

Next we have an all-female cast from “Semi-Circle”, based in Basel, Switzerland.   “Syrinx” by well-known writer Kate Mosse is set in the office of school principal Marion Knowles, who is about to leave. The play examines the impact on the relationship between four friends of a dramatic incident a few years earlier.   Marion tries to bring closure.

Our final performance of the night is by another all-female cast from “Actors Workout”, Munich.  In “Paper God”, an original script by Peter Bishop and Colleen Burke, a wife and her three daughters gather around the bed of husband and father Harold Coleman as he lies critically ill in intensive care.  In the conversations that follow, personal revelations and old conflicts emerge.

Lots of women, lots of contrasts, and lots of creativity.  What better way to spend a Saturday night?



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