Calendar Girls from the Characters’ Perspective

As the countdown continues to Calendar Girls, we are featuring a backstage look at the play from those involved.

Next in the series is from one of the characters, Jessie (played by Pat Butler):

Calendar Girls When I told my husband that I was planning to pose for a nude calendar, he barely looked up from his newspaper. All he said was, “As long as we don’t have to have it hanging on the living-room wall”. I think nothing surprises him any more, since I did that bungee jump … Anyway, doing the calendar with the girls (I still call them that – that’s what comes of being a schoolteacher for more than 30 years) turned out to be great fun. And it just confirmed my philosophy that, as you get older, you’re much more likely to regret the things that you don’t do, than the things you do. So just imagine how you’re going to feel if you don’t come to see the show ….