Calendar Girls from the Cast’s Perspective

As the countdown continues to Calendar Girls, we are featuring a backstage look at the play from those involved.

Next in the series is from one of the cast, Clémence Robin (playing Elaine):

Calendar GirlsWhen I came to audition for Calendar Girls, I had brought with me a big, fake sunflower and I was wearing an exceptionally low cleavage top, fitting the character I was auditioning for. This is how much I wanted to be part of this adventure!

We started the rehearsals in November, so I have probably seen the play at least 20 times by now! But, all 20 times and counting, I laughed heartily, felt goosebumps, shivered at times and shared the life stories of all these wonderful women, in characters and out. In addition to feeling inspired, cheered up and moved by the play, the talent and dedication of all the people involved – cast, producer, stage manager, costume designer, props, and of course, Janet, our director! – never ceases to amaze me. I learn a lot from all of them. That was a pretty good reason to be part of Calendar Girls, wasn’t it?

And, looking back at our rehearsals, I have to smile thinking of Sue tirelessly prompting our lines, of the girls laughing, of Eileen preparing tea for everyone, of the pleasure of tasting a new cake every time (perks of being in a feminine play :-) ) and of Janet’s encouraging emails the day after. If, in the audience, you can only feel even the 1/10th of this energy, then your batteries will be recharged for the month!

Finally, I’d like to dedicate my role to all my English teachers who patiently taught me the nuances of the English accent. American series like Friends were more successful in this which explains why I have more of an American accent now. But, ironically, to play Elaine (or rather Hélène) I had to French it up! You’d think that being in an English play, you’d learn English? Well, I’ve learned to stress my French accent for the sake of the role! But, this is for a good cause: to prove (yet again) that French=sexy!

Oh, and, of course, to support the Foundation Contre le Cancer! So, please, venez nombreux nous voir sur scène et partager cette belle histoire!