Calendar Girls – Director’s Diary

Calendar Girls

The performances continue to be fantastic, with lovely appreciative audiences. Thank you.

But what has become clear is the extent to which cancer affects so many lives. There are people in the audience who I know have been affected by it – but others have come up to me and told me how moving the performance was because of their own loss or illness.

Maybe this is why the collecting buckets have been so willingly filled. I am utterly overwhelmed by the generosity shown. We are not selling programmes, instead we are asking for contributions towards Fondation Contre le Cancer. So far we have raised €312 (Tuesday), €332 (Wednesday) and €538 last night – giving a grand total of €1182. This is in addition to the €2 the ECC will be giving from each ticket sold. HUGE THANKS TO OUR VERY GENEROUS AUDIENCES! Watch this space – I’ll keep you updated!

To our audiences: Thank you for coming and thank you for your contributions to a charity here in Brussels helping people affected by this ‘shitty, cheating, sly, conniving, silent bloody disease that cancer is’ .