A word from the director

I have always wanted to direct a farce. People say it’s tricky which as good a reason as any to give it a go!  And Ray Cooney seemed the obvious choice. He’s been tickling the West End in an innocently smutty sort of way for 60 years now. Think seaside postcards come to life: Shakespeare it is not.

But as we get into it it’s, well, really rather clever. Every word has a consequence; every lie comes back to be revenged. Things you forgot about reappear pages later with inevitable and hilarious consequences. Of course despite the sexual peccadilloes, the untruths, the failed adulteries, the lost trousers and the misplaced bras it all ends up happily. 
And, for those of you with the benefit of a classical education, it does observe Aristotle’s unities of time, plot and place. Not that the characters would care. They’re too busy having fun.
Come and see it. 
Hugh Dow Director