A Wilde Night Out (16-20 May 2017)

Two plays for the price of one! A one-act version of “A Woman of No Importance” and a Wilde-inspired comedy, “The Impotence of Being Frank”

An abridged version of Oscar Wilde’s satire “A Woman of No Importance”, which will also be performed at FEATS in Frankfurt for one performance between 2 and 5 June. With his usual wit, Wilde takes us on an epic romp of Victorian high society exposing scandals and delivering his fine repartee at every opportunity. Directed by Conrad Toft.

“The Impotence of Being Frank” is a short farce intended as a tribute to Oscar Wilde and Joe Orton, in which a tenacious detective manically – and ultimately successfully – tracks down the perpetrator of a crime that wasn’t committed. It is the first play by a highly renowned Brussels based biographer and academic, writing under the pseudonym of Joe Wilde. The play, originally written for the radio has never been performed before so a certain amount of workshopping and imagination will be required by the actors. Directed by Adam Brown.