Two by Jim Cartwright

21-24 September 2011, The Warehouse Studio Theatre

The English Comedy Club opens its 2011-2012 season from 21-24 September 2011 with Two, a black comedy by English playwright Jim Cartwright. It will visit The Place in Bedford on 31 September and 1 October.

Two is Cartwright’s second play and won the 1990 Manchester Evening News Theatre Award for Best New Play. It followed on from his earlier success, Road, and like that play deals with the gritty reality of northern working-class life in the 1980s.

The play focuses on the landlady, landlord and regulars of a pub in a Northern English town as they struggle to cope with the difficulties that life has thrown at them. All the parts are played by Ruth England (Oscar and the Lady in Pink, Mary Stuart, Moving Susan and FEATS best actress award recipient for Orca the Goldfish) and Rory Harvey-Kelly (ATC Café Theatre 2011). It is directed by Conrad Toft.