Our Next Social Event

Will take place on:

11 September – 8pm

The Bar Room

The Warehouse, 69 Rue Waelhem, 1030 Brussels


After June’s highly successful and fun Just a Minute evening, the ECC is calling on its most proficient fibbers to take part in the next social event, a version of Would I Lie To You, hosted by Chris Jones, on 11 September.

The simple idea of the game is to convince members of the audience that you are telling the truth even when you are not – something that the highly skilled actors of the ECC should have no problem with whatsoever!

But even if you’ve never acted in your life, come along and have a go – as Just a Minute showed, our behind-the-scenes team definitely have the gift of the gab as well!

The event is free, but you will be able to buy food (sandwiches and crisps) and drink from the bar, to help with loosening those tongues and getting the creative juices flowing.

To sign up (so we can ensure there are enough bottles to go around) click here:



If you are not familiar with The Warehouse:  To enter, ring the white bell to the right of the big double gateway.  Go through the gates and enter the building on the left by the far door and go up to the first floor.