The ECCO Newsletter

The latest editions of the club magazine ECCO, with club activities, audition dates, progress reports, committee decisions, upcoming events and other information in Adobe Acrobat pdf format can be read  by clicking the hot links below and downloaded by copying the file open in Adobe Acrobat to your hard disk. To read ECCO you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free from Adobe 2018:

2019:  March

2018: January March  May July. September   November

2017:  January March May  July September September: AGM Attachment   November                                                                                                                    

2016:  January March May July  September October: AGM Special   November                

2015:  January  March May July September    November          

2014:  January March May July September November

2013: January March May July September November

2012: January March May July September November

2011: February  April  June  September  November

2010: January  March   May  September  December

2009: January  March  April  July  September  November

2008: January  May  June  September  October  December

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