The Club

The ECC was originally formed as The English Comedy Club in 1909 as an amateur society dedicated to performing English language theatre for the expatriate community in Brussels. It is the oldest established English language theatre company on mainland Europe. It has since been joined by several other companies including the American Theatre Company (ATC), the Irish Theatre Group (ITG), the Brussels Shakespeare Society (BSS) and the Brussels Light Opera Company (BLOC), to provide a thriving English Language Theatre community in the Capital of Europe. You can find out more about upcoming productions from all of these groups at the Theatre in Brussels web site. The club is based in “The Warehouse”, a complex of buildings in the Schaerbeek area of the city which it co-owns with the ATC and ITG. The buildings include rehearsal rooms, a set building workshop, store rooms containing our extensive collection of props, furniture, costumes and set building materials, and a small but well equipped Studio Theatre with a capacity of 65.

The club performs a number of full length theatrical productions each year as well as many other events detailed below. The membership currently stands at a little over a hundred people from all walks of life, and indeed of all nationalities, and with a variety of interests from the actors and actresses to the set designers and builders, lighting and sound engineers, right through those who perform the less lauded but equally vital roles such as staffing the bar or organising ticket sales.

Club Activities

Committee Members

  • Kerry Lydon (Chair)
  • Fiona McGinnis (Treasurer & Costumes rep)
  • Sara Hammerton (ACTS & ECCO)
  • Bryony Ulyett (Secretary & ECCO / Publicity)
  • Anna Holmén (CAST)
  • Andy Ing (FEATS liaison)
  • Steve O’Byrne (Website & Youth Theatre Summer School coordinator)
  • Janet Middleton
  • Lyn Wainwright
  • Boff Muir


You can contact the club using this email address: