Play Reading – Frankenstein – 2 November

Graham Andrews will lead us in reading
Philip Pullman’s adaptation of Mary Shelley’s
2 November 2016
We will meet Chez Barbara:  rue Louis Hymans 20, Ixelles 1050
Graham writes:
Frankenstein is now generally seen as the first science-fiction novel ever written. There is nothing supernatural about how Doctor – not Baron! – Frankenstein creates life from ‘galvanizing’ recently dead bodies. In the early 19th century, electricity was at the cutting edge of scientific research. The so-called ‘Monster’ has often been confused with Frankenstein himself, who – it could be argued – is much more monstrous than his remarkably civilized creation. Peter Cushing played it that way in T he Curse of Frankstein and its many sequels, made by Hammer Films. Christopher Lee was Hammer’s original patchwork man, and he brought a great sensitivity to the sadly under-written role. 
Normal rules apply!

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For those of you who are new to the play reading group, we meet at 7.45pm aiming to start reading at 8.  We have drinks and nibbles, and a small contribution in the form of a bottle or something to eat is always welcome!

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