<strong>ECC Youth theatre Summer School</strong>

Running order for
Virtual Feats Fringe 2021

The ECC is hosting Virtual FEATS Fringe 2021 over the weekend of 14-16 May (at a computer near you) and is delighted to share the running order here.

Friday 14th May - 19.30 (doors open at 19.15)

  • Lisbon Players - Dolly’s Frocks
  • ESOC/ACTS - A Clinic Too Far (A Homage to Else Kienle - selected scenes)
  • Brussels Shakespeare Society (BSS) - The Commissioning Department
  • Lisbon Players - Manna for Margaret
  • Ja International Theatre (Portugal) - At Zephyr’s Turn
  • Lisbon Players - Scotty’s High Kicks
  • Copenhagen Theatre Circle - Love in the Age of Lockdown
  • BATS - What do we know about E

Saturday 15th May - 19.30 (doors open at 19.15)

  • Now Now Productions - That’s Not What Happened
  • Irish Theatre Group (ITG) - GSOH
  • I.D.E.A. - Chaos in Zoomland
  • Downstage Left - Are you in Love Yet?
  • Anglo-American Theatre Group (AATG) - On Point
  • The Monday Ladies - Between You and Me
  • The Bonn Players - Grace & Peter and his First English Words
  • University Players Hamburg - Confab
  • The Pretenders - Home, Sweet, Home Office

Sunday 16th May at 17.00-18.00 FEATS Forum

Come along to discuss all things FEATS in this open forum hosted by the FEATS Steering Committee Chairman John Hall. We will be discussing the exciting things coming up in future editions of FEATS

Sunday 16th May - 19.30 (doors open at 19.15)

  • Lucerne World Theatre Company (LWTC) - Maybe Next Year
  • Anglo-American Theatre Group (AATG) - Ensnared Bird
  • Geneva English Drama Society (GEDS) - Time-Wasters Need not Apply
  • Hamburg Players - Until Next Time
  • Entity Theatre - All the Rage
  • The Ghost Sheep - Improv
  • New World Theatre Company (NWTC) - All Dressed Up

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<strong>ECC Youth theatre Summer School</strong>

ECC Youth theatre Summer School

And we’re back! The ECC is running its youth theatre summer school again, for two weeks – from 5-9 July and from 12-16 July, 2021 – for children aged between 6 and 16 years old. Although both weeks will essentially be the same, children wishing to do both will have the possibility to focus on different workshop activities each week.

Each week’s activities will be based around Greek Legends and will include acting, singing and dancing rehearsals. Additionally, there will be a series of workshops on some of the back-stage aspects of theatre, such as hair & make-up, sets, props, sound, and lighting.

The aim is to video a short performance over the week, which we will distribute to participants (and possibly hold a screening) at a later date.

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