Interior decoration

Olive green and orange, purple and pink, stark white furniture, frilly edged nylon sheets, matching bedcovers and curtains…yes we are into the seventies!
Interior designers were throwing out the dark heavy furniture and the soft chintz flowers in favour of moulded white plastic and bright geometric patterns and a lot of us still have nightmares about the avocado or chocolate bathroom suites.
Mr Markham is not keen on all this change to his comfortable lifestyle, Mrs Markham is all too keen to spend time with the interior designer and can’t wait for that added touch of turquoise…
Designing the set for MOMM has been a challenge and a pleasure. A challenge to source suitable fabrics in our plain, neutral age and a pleasure to go back to olive green and orange, which I remember so well.
Katie Challans and “she with two usable hands”
Marleen Van Waeyenberghe