ECC Auditions for Beauty & the Beast

ECC will perform the pantomime “Beauty and the Beast” at the Auderghem Cultural Centre from 17th to 19th January 2020.

To that end, ECC is holding auditions on Monday 3rd and Thursday 6th June 2019 at the Warehouse, rue Waelhem 73, 1030 Schaerbeek.

Auditions will start promptly at 19.00 hrs and we hope to finish at 21.00 hrs but, depending on the number of people, we may run a bit late!

Rehearsals will begin in September 2019, usually one evening a week with more rehearsals nearer the show (probably including weekends). Please ensure you are available to commit to this before you audition!

Acting: You will be given a small piece of dialogue from the script to read (no preparation required). Some characters may need to show ability to ad-lib (e.g. Dame).

Please take time to read the character list below, to see which roles are available.

You will be asked to fill in contact details and indicate which roles interest you. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, not everyone will be able to read for every role they want. However we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with what you have been able to show us. If there are any roles you don’t want to do, please let us know. (you may be offered a role you didn’t audition for!)

Singing: Some characters will need to be able to sing, but this is not a priority for panto as songs can be redistributed! For the role of Belle and Prince Charleroi, a good singing voice would be preferable. We do not require you to prepare a song for audition but you may like to sing a few bars (unaccompanied) at the end of your audition to show us your singing skills!

Most characters will be involved in at least one large song/dance number (simple choreography)

Chorus roles: There will also be a small number of chorus roles, some speaking and some non-speaking. These roles will be for both adults and children. We will be auditioning for chorus at a later date (probably at the beginning of September).

Remember, panto is a big commitment and involves a lot of work, on and off stage.

Character List

Larger roles:

The Rose Fairy – a good fairy (Female any age) Classic panto fairy – speaks in rhyme.

Fairy Nasty (Villanelle?)– a very bad fairy. The main panto baddie – speaks in rhyme. (Female any age but probably older adult) ‘Nasty’ with comic twist. Lots of audience in-teraction – needs to be able to ad-lib (not in rhyme!). Probably will have to sing.

Belle – principal girl (Female young adult or teen) Strong independent heroine. Will have to sing.

Papa – Belle’s father (Male older adult) An unconventional inventor with a kind heart. Some audience interaction.

Louiza – Belle’s selfish and silly sister. (Female any age) Part of a comedy duo.

Stephanie – Belle’s other selfish and silly sister (Female any age) Part of comedy duo.

Clumsy Clarence – Belle’s dippy but amiable brother (Male/Female, preferably M, any age) clumsy physical comic with lots of interaction with audience and will be in messy slapstick scene.

Dame Blanche Van Tastique – The Dame and owner of the village patisserie (Male old-er adult) a good dame role with lots of audience interaction and messy slapstick. Will need a good ability to ad-lib. Will have to sing (but not a deal-breaker!)

Jean-Claude Van Tastique – Dame’s vain and conceited son (Male adult) A great over-the-top character role. Will take part in slapstick scene (and get very messy!). May sing.

Prince Charleroi – principal boy (Male/Female young adult or teen) Classic principal boy. A bit vain and moody. Note this character is only in two scenes – at the beginning and at the end (because he turns into a Beast!). Will have to sing.

The Beast – (Male young adult or teen, possibly older adult – this role could be played by the same actor as Prince Charleroi if male, but Beast will need a deeper voice! ) Rough, aggressive at first but softens as scenes progress. Will include some serious moments. Will probably sing.

Medium roles:

Rhett – Butler in castle/clock and Prince/Beast’s best friend (Male any age but probably younger adult). Head of the castle servants. Singing and dancing (tbd)

Madeleine – works in Dame Blanche’s patisserie (Female any age – needs to be similar age to Clumsy Clarence) involved in messy slapstick scene.

Hector – panto horse! (two people in animal skin – front and back – Male/Female any age but must be fit!) This horse will do some really groovy dancing!
Mrs Potty – Housekeeper in castle/Teapot (Female older adult). A kind and homely character. Some singing and dancing.(tbd)

Smaller roles:

Carlos – Footman in castle/candlestick. (Male any age). Some singing and dancing (tbd)

Fleur – Housemaid in castle/feather duster (Female any age) A bit flirty! Some singing and dancing (tbd)

Lousy Louis – Jean-Claud’s sidekick. (Male/Female any age) a smarmy and disagree-able character!

Frederik von Flashypants – a pretentious dress designer (Male/Female) A very over-the-top cameo role. Only one scene.

Chorus roles:

Auditions for chorus roles (number to be decided) will be held at a later date.

Other servants/enchanted objects


Suit of armour

Flashypants’ assistant

villagers (adults and children)

snowflakes/animals in forest (children)


All large and medium roles are speaking roles (apart from Hector!). Small roles/chorus may have a few lines or be non-speaking.

Most characters will be involved in at least one large song/dance number (with simple choreography).

Some characters will sing solo/duet but acting ability is more likely to take priority.