Calendar Girls from the Director’s perspective

As the countdown continues to Calendar Girls, we are featuring a backstage look at the play from those involved.

First in the series is from the Director – Janet Middleton:

Calendar Girls

What can I say?  This production has had a few jinxes – one actress falling down some marble stairs, another with a broken kneecap from a
hockey ball – but overall it has been blessed!  Fantastic cast who
seem to be able to absorb and remember every suggestion made (and then
forget it again when told it’s not working) and a dedicated crew led
by Eileen and Sue.  The mammoth task of props has fallen to the
incredible team of Colma and Liam – who seem capable of providing
everything demanded of them: there seems little doubt but that the
props are the real stars of this production!  I am delighted that the
Committee has agreed to allow us to donate €2 per ticket to Fondation
Contre le Cancer – but we are all hoping that the final contribution
will be enhanced by the sponsorship we have raised and voluntary
contributions.  My grateful thanks to everyone involved – and to the
audience without whom we would feel very foolish!