Calendar Girls from the Characters’ Perspective

As the countdown continues to Calendar Girls, we are featuring a backstage look at the play from those involved.

Next in the series is from one of the characters, Cora (played by Anna Holmen):

Calendar Girls Being both a single mother and a respectable vicar’s daughter is not a combination that can be described as a match made in heaven. At least not my father’s heaven. If he’s got one. It’s more hell and purgatory with him and his sodding church. Except for the music. Christ, I love music, even religious hymns. Would never admit it publicly, but “Jerusalem” is one of my favourites. If only I could get the girls at the WI to sing it properly. They’re my comfort and support, in thick and thin, but singing in key is not their first priority. No, it’s golf, husbands, stupid bloody talks on stupid bloody subjects. But they make me laugh, and they’ll make you laugh too if you just get your sodding tickets before they sell out.