Calendar Girls from the Cast’s Perspective

As the countdown continues to Calendar Girls, we are featuring a backstage look at the play from those involved.

Next in the series is from one of the cast, Graham Vincent (playing John):

Calendar Girls I’m very honoured to have been accepted by the ECC to take a part in “Calendar Girls”; it’s my first return to the amateur stage in over 20 years, but it’s like crisps, in’t it? You CAN’T just do one …

Playing John Clarke, the character on whose fate the whole of the rest of the play depends, is not just a responsibility towards the audience, the playwright, the cast and the director, but also to the man whose memory inspired the real Calendar Girls in the first place. I hope the audience enjoys our characterization of the role and, above all, that it does justice to John Baker, and ultimately to the great act of charity he ended up inspiring. There are hilarious moments and there are pensive moments, and a lot of complex character development in between. A great play for anyone who likes having their heart warmed.