A message from the boss

Another day, another play!

Today, Sunday 23rd September, I am helping putting the finishing touches to the MOVE OVER MRS MARKHAM set.
Normally I am allowed to base coat sets white, but for this play I have received a promotion: some avocado and yellow paint pots have passed through my hands !
The set design, building, painting, dressing etc has been carried out by some fantastically skilled folk, a special mention to Philip Deeks for building the set.
The set is coming together, costumes are being finalised, and only a few rehearsals are left before curtains up !

When the ECC approached Hugh Dow about directing again for the Club, I thought I knew what ‘type’ of play Hugh would choose, something intellectual, a serious play. Hugh’s reply was yes, I would like to do a farce …
And that’s what MOVE OVER MRS MARKHAM is, a rollicking farce ! Split second timing is required, a zillion entrances and exits, and above all the cast need to communicate to us their sheer enjoyment of being involved in this play.

That’s what I am looking forward to, a fun evening of pure farce. The tagline we’ve used on the publicity for this show is:  Nine people, four assignations, one flat: complete chaos !

I can’ t wait !!!! Hopefully see you at the show, it’s on 2 -6 and 9 – 13 October. Details on how to book on this site

Sue Botterell, ECC Chairman