Monthly Play Readings


The club holds monthly play readings on the first Wednesday of each month. This acts both as a way of introducing new plays to the members, of providing a club activity for members not currently actively involved in a production, and also as a social event for club members. The evenings are held at members houses, and the only requirement to take part is to turn up with enthusiasm (and a small contribution to the refreshments).


Mary & Barbara have organised and run the play reading group for over 21 years: the ECC, especially those of us who have enjoyed their hospitality, are extremely grateful to them for their generosity with their time and their generosity in opening their homes to us.  They are still active members of the group, and we hope they will enjoy having less to worry about!  THANK YOU BOTH!




Before giving you the play reading information, I would like to publicise the fact that Mary and Barbara would very much like to find other venues for the play readings as they find the shifting of the furniture and tidying away after is becoming more difficult.  I am happy to host whenever I can, and our lovely ladies have  not turned us out of their homes yet, but if anyone else is happy to host please do not be shy in coming forward.

We are also very happy to receive offers to lead plays – we have a list of scripts that are available, don’t be shy!
We aim to start reading at 8pm (because some of the plays are rather long), HOWEVER  if you arrive after this time it’s REALLY not a problem! Don’t be embarrassed, we all know that work/transport/parking can cause delays!
6 December

Janet Middleton will lead us in reading


By Alan Ayckbourn

 Chez Middleton:  Rue des Atrebates 27, 1040 Brussels


Confusions is five one-act plays that are interlinked.  Not desperately Christmassy, but hopefully not too depressing either!!

There will be mulled wine and mince pies to get us in the Christmas spirit!  Offers of contributions towards the pies would be most welcome, please let me know though by emailing me (address below) so that I can make up any shortfall/ensure that we don’t have nothing but mince pies!

If you are planning on joining us please register by registering on the Doodle:

Or by emailing Janet at



January:  We will meet on 10 January to allow us all to recover from the festivities!  Graham Andrews will be leading, but we need someone to offer to host please!

For those of you who are new to the play reading group, we meet at 7.45pm aiming to start reading at 8.  We have drinks and nibbles, and a small contribution in the form of a bottle or something to eat is always welcome!

Every month Janet emails a reminder to people who have attended in the past and wish to be on the mailing list for these reminders.  If you would like to be added to the ECC Play Reading Email List, please email Janet. 

How to Doodle:  All you have to do is click on the link above, add your name to the list under ‘Table View’, click in the box to show you are coming (or do nothing if you’re not!) and then ‘Save’ your entry.  If you have any problem with this, please do not hesitate to contact Janet.