Our Next Production – Mrs Klein (22 – 26 September 2015)

Mrs K Box Office
Mrs Klein – by Nicholas Wright

Set in 1930s London, Mrs Klein is based on true events and real people. It features three strong-willed women – all of German/Austrian Jewish origin and, crucially, all psychoanalysts.  Tickets (€15) can be booked at http://thelittleboxoffice.com/ecc for performances at 8pm on 22 – 26 September 2015.  You can pay for tickets using most credit cards (via PayPal) or choose to reserve the tickets and pay by bank transfer (choose Bank Transfer (Reservation) at the end.


Mrs Melanie Klein (52) – a famous, pioneering child psychoanalyst

Melitta (early 30s) – her daughter

Paula (early 30s) – a refugee from Berlin

Melanie Klein has just lost her son in what appears to be a climbing accident. His death brings the long-standing conflict with her daughter Melitta to a sharp climax. Professional rivalries mix with visceral family resentments – and taboo-breaking psychoanalytic theories. Caught (or carefully positioned) between the warring mother-daughter pair is Paula – Melitta’s friend and Mrs Klein’s would-be protégée.

Location: Warehouse (bar room), Rue Waelhem 69A, 1030 Bruxelles

Contact: Jonathan Stockwell (director) on 0496 566 907, Jonty@skynet.be



Monthly Play Readings – All Welcome!

Each month the ECC hosts a Play Reading.  No experience is required, and new participants are always made very welcome.

Wednesday 3 June

7.45pm for 8pm – Chez Barbara

 The Women

By Clare Boothe

Some of you will recall the excellent production of this play by the ATC some years ago.  Particularly their amazing hats designed and made by Leslie Holden.

Gentlemen:  It is true that this is an all-female play, but please don’t be put off!  This is a really funny play!  Just come along and enjoy reading a female role for a change!

The play is an acerbic commentary on the pampered lives and power struggles of various wealthy Manhattan socialites and up-and-comers and the gossip that propels and damages their relationships. While men frequently are the subject of their lively discussions and play an important role in the action on-stage, they are strictly characters mentioned but never seen.

Please register via this Doodle link


or ring Mary if you really don’t like Doodle.  7.45pm Chez Barbara for an 8pm start, and interval nibbles or drinks always welcome!  More importantly – just come along and enjoy yourself!

To know more about the forthcoming Play Reading, go to the Play Reading tab or CLICK HERE