Social Event Friday 17 June: Theatrical Quiz

The Bar Room of The Warehouse

Rue Waelhem 69a, 1030 Schaerbeek


Teams of 4 welcome!  And there will be a prize for the team with the most original name! But if  you don’t have a team to join, turn up anyway!  We’ll find a team you can join!


There will be a bar and light refreshments available: No entry free!


If you would like to join us, just turn up on the night – but signing up by clicking HERE will give us an idea of how many bottles of wine to open!

FEATS2016 is over

FEAT2016 is over!!  Warm congratulations to the ITG for their well deserved win (three, actually) for “The London Vertigo”.  (see below for the full list of FEATS2016 winners).  And thank you very much to Bev Clark our adjudicator for all her hard work, patience, good humour, for the time she spent with each group, for her expert eye and the advice she shared with us.

To all the participating groups – well done and thank you!  We hope you enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed having you.   The atmosphere during our four days together was warm, friendly, buzzing with energy, thanks to all of you.  You are all winners, everyone put so much work into their performances.  We had a blast.

Not only did we have our 12 performances on the main stage, we also had the Fringe of course.  Heaps more fun and entertainment to be had there, and all events well attended.  Thank you to all those who took part.

None of this would have been possible without our hardworking FEATS festival team and volunteers.  Lots of preparation in advance, and then four 16-hour days (or more) for the crew, with 8.00 am starts, and not finishing till midnight (later on party night…). We had people working behind the scenes, below stairs, behind the bar, behind the cloakroom counter, flogging programmes, checking  tickets… There was no shortage of help, and every bit of it added to the success of our festival.

Thank you again to everyone.  You are too numerous to mention, but the ECC is grateful to everyone who helped and everyone who took part.  We loved having you, and we look forward to FEATS2017.  See you in Frankfurt!!


  • First place: Irish Theatre Group withThe London Vertigoby Brian Friel, after Charles Macklin
    • Second place: University Players, Hamburg with Invasion by Jonas Hassen Khemeri (translated by Frank Perry)
    • Third place: AATG with Alas, Poor Fred by James Saunders
    • Best original script: Béibhinn Regli (GEDS) for Working Girl
    • Best stage presentation: Irish Theatre Group with The London Vertigo by Brian Friel, after Charles Macklin
    • Stage management award: BATS, Antwerp with Three More Sleepless Nights by Caryl Churchill
    • Discretionary award: Hamburg Players with Soap Opera by David Ives, for the washing machine and the stand-in role played by the director
    • Best actor: Brian Foley (ITG) in The London Vertigo by Brian Friel, after Charles Macklin
    • Best actress: Marion Carter (AATG) in Alas, Poor Fred by James SaundersFEATS WINNERS



Sunday, 8 May

It has been a FABULOUS festival so far.  So much variety, so much talent. And what a party!

We have reached the last day already – judgement day! There are  nine prizes  up for grabs, including best performance (first, second and third place), best  actor, best actress,  best stage presentation, best stage management, best original script and the judge’s discretionary award.  The scoring system is explained in the programme, and you can keep score yourself each day and see if your views tally with those of adjudicator Bev Clark. But first,   we have three more groups vying for those prizes,   including two comedies, and one original script.

The love interest in our first play, “Soap Opera” by David Ives, is a washing machine. Naturally.   Men used to talk about their cars as if they were female, so why wouldn’t a washing machine repair man fall in love with the perfect machine (that his mum gave him)?  It’s a little awkward though, as he already has a girlfriend.   And – well, it’s, errrm, a machine.  The Hamburg Players promise us romance, comedy, philosophy, and plenty of puns.

The night’s original script comes from the Geneva English Drama Society, performing “Working Girl” written by (and starring) Béibhinn Regli.  Sophie is a student struggling to pay her way, in the midst of the economic crisis.  Sometimes you have  to do  whatever you can to  get that  extra  cash – but maybe not everyone in  a  small  community  in “Holy  Catholic Ireland” sees it that way.  It’s comedy with a serious, contemporary, message.

Closing the festival we have another Belgian-based group, the British American Theatrical Society from Antwerp, performing “Three more sleepless nights” by Caryl Churchill.  With one bed, two couples, and three short scenes (no machines…), the play explores human relationships through conversations that range from existential angst to sc-fi films; from explosive arguments to long silences.  But can they ever be happy?

Whatever the results, every performance promises to be treat, and every group has put an enormous amount of work into bringing their show to you, both on stage and behind the scenes.  And as if that weren’t enough, there is also lots more going on in The Fringe!  Check out the FEATS website for details

The ECC looks forward to welcoming all the competing groups to Brussels, and looks forward to seeing you all at what promises to be a truly spectacular festival of  theatre.

Date:   5 to 8 May 2016.  7.30 pm

Venue:  Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Cultural Centre, 93 Avenue Charles Thielemans, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre,

Ticket prices:   €20 per night, or  €70 for all  4 nights;  Students (with I.D.) €10 per night, or €35 for  4 nights

To book:


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